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Title: Little Red 14/?
Pairings: Derek/Stiles background Scott/Allison, pre- Danny/Jackson
Rating: Light R (Just to be safe)
Spoilers: Everything up to the end of the season
Summary: For the prompt "Stiles gets bitten somehow while away with his dad, when he returns he tries to hide it from the others but his wolf has some very definite pack ideas for each of them particularly Derek"
Disclaimer: I own nothing
Warning: Naughty touching, sorta? I don't know anymore -_-
A/N: Massive thanks to [ profile] el_gilliath for beta'ing even though I'm being spastic and she has to stoop to threats to make me post!


Stiles pressed his forehead against Derek's, clutching the man's t-shirt as he tried to slow his breathing. At some point Derek had lowered them both to the floor and Stiles tried to concentrate on the feel of hardwood beneath his knees to distract himself from the bulge in his jeans.

"You know when you said I was too young for the mating thing I figured you’d be pretty hands off." Stiles chuckled hoarsely as Derek's fingers trailed beneath his shirt, making his skin prickle with warmth as his wolf shifted restlessly beneath his skin.

Derek blinked lazily at him before ducking his head to nuzzle the sensitive skin beneath Stiles' chin. "Never said that." he muttered.

"Yeah true, you didn't say it in as many words but the whole "we can't mate yet" thing kind of implied it you know, plus when do you actually say anything? I figured I’d have to decipher your caveman grunting for myself." Stiles groaned as he tilted his head back to give Derek more space. Shivering as sharp teeth scrapped against his neck.

"Do you want me to stop?" Derek asked, stilling and Stiles growled as he gripped Derek's hair.

"Do you want to be neutered?" Stiles shot back "Because dude there's a word for what you are and it's cocktease. Don't think I won't bribe some upstanding vet to cut your balls off...."

Derek huffed out a laugh as his fingers tightened on Stiles' hips. "You keep complaining like you'll be waiting forever."

"Two years! That's practically forever, Derek. I'm pretty sure that blue balls for two years will in fact kill me and then where will you be? Do you think anybody else is going to put up with you?" Stiles muttered "And ok, you're pretty hot but once they hit on the creepy stalker side of things they'll be running for the hills. Not that these hypothetical people will ever meet you because I'm an only child, I suffer from only child syndrome, ask my dad. I don't share well....or at all."

Derek's brow shot up as Stiles trailed off "What are you talking about?"

"Two years! That's how long I have to go before I'm technically legal in most states, not just Michigan."

"It's three weeks until mating season." Derek snorted, dropping his head to Stiles' shoulder and missing the complete shock on the teen's face.

Pulling back Stiles glared down at Derek's stupid hair in betrayal. "You said that I wasn't old enough a few days ago, now I'm going to be old enough in three weeks?"

"Nervous?" Derek purred and Stiles pretended his pulse didn't feel like it was trying to find some way to escape his body.

"No. Why should I be nervous? I mean I'm hot you're hot, we're just going to be extra hot together." Stiles retorted shivering as Derek's tongue laved the place where he'd been gnawing on Stiles' skin like he was practicing for a zombie apocalypse. "So, yeah, I'm totally onboard with getting hot and sticky. Not nervous at all."

Derek hummed "Good. You being nervous means you'd shut up and that wouldn't work."

Stiles yanked on Derek's hair once before eyeing him suspiciously "I thought you wanted me to shut up?"

Derek cocked his head, lips quirked into a filthy leer "Not in bed."

Stiles blushed, glaring at Derek.

“You did know that when I said you were too young I meant your wolf?” Derek muttered, breath tickling Stiles’ ear, making the younger alpha shiver.

“How was I supposed to know that?” Stiles growled. “My Derek-dictionary only handles simple words and phrases, anything above that and I’d need a full translation kit.”

“But you know now.” Derek retorted, voice smug.

“Really Hale, this is your great comeback?” Stiles groused even as he let Derek pull him down into a kiss. It helped to let him think he was still the big bad wolf, Stiles thought as his own wolf huffed in amusement.


That night as soon as Stiles had managed to detach Derek from his neck (sometimes he was more certain the other man was a vampire instead of a wolf) he'd gone back to the Hale family grimoire that Derek had loaned him.

Settling on his bed Stiles flicked through the book until he found the section that had been dedicated to mating habits, narrowing his eyes at the words Stiles' smirk grew. It seemed there'd been a lot that Derek was hiding from him and no one was going to outsmart Stiles Stilinski, not if he had anything to say about it.

"So you mean he had to have fixated on you a while ago?" Danny asked as he pulled his books from his locker.

Stiles grinned as he leaned against the other locker and waited on the tall teen "If the books are right Derek's been lusting after my fine body for a while now."

Danny shot him a disbelieving look as he shut his locker door "How long are we talking here?"

Stiles perked up as he followed Danny down the corridor "The book says that alphas can take as little as six months before they'll approach a future mate but if they're sure they'll court the potential until he or she either accepts or declines. Apparently they sniff you out, which is freaky but we’re talking about Derek here, it’s probably right up his street…" Stiles mused breaking off when Danny cleared his throat impatiently “Yeah so they sniff you out and the wolf or human that best matches their scent is the one. But here’s the kicker; other people can smell like them and not be a match because the wolf rejects them. Now if it’s a true mate there’s no question it’s like slam, bam, thank you scent kink…just you know, not in so many words.”

"It's freaky how easily you remember this and yet you fail most of your tests." Danny teased and Stiles pouted because Danny was missing the point here!

"Dude, don't you get it? Derek's hot for my bod!"

"Well it was either that or you had a serious mosquito problem." Danny retorted, gesturing to Stiles' neck.

"Turtlenecks are an attached man's best friend." a familiar voice purred and Stiles spun around as Lydia slipped between them, hooking her arm through his and spinning him in the right direction. "Now what are we talking about?"

"Stiles' obsession with Derek Hale." Danny grumbled.

"Obsession is such a harsh word, Danny boy." Stiles sniffed before grinning at Lydia "He's just jealous that I'm getting some while his boyfriend to be is still a dick, no offense."

"None taken," Lydia smirked "Jackson was not one of my better ideas but he is pretty, isn't he, Danny?" she purred slyly as Danny's face flushed.

"I hate you both." he hissed as Stiles flung an arm over his shoulder.

"You know we love you, Danny-boy." he snickered.

"Allison tried to get me to get you to talk to Scott again." Lydia informed them as she examined her nails.

"Yeah?" Stiles prompted.

Lydia nodded "It's such a pity I couldn't help. I had to visit you guys, you see."

Stiles blinked "I think I see but in case I didn't see do you want to clear up what it is we're supposed to be seeing?"

Lydia shot them a smile that had more teeth than shark week and Stiles was surprised that the girl wasn't a wolf and heaven help them if she ever got turned it would either be awesome or terrifying, he was betting on terrifying.

"You'll get it soon enough." she smirked as she yanked him forward and by proxy Danny, weaving through the crowd towards their classroom.


Stiles wasn't surprised when his avoidance skills failed him, he was a bit shocked at who had approached him though.

"Jackson, how nice to see you my locker and by nice I mean very unpleasant, just in case you didn't get the sarcasm." Stiles muttered, opening his locker and ignoring the way his wolf was shifting beneath his skin because of the beta's presence.

"You've been avoiding us." Jackson stated and Stiles slammed his locker shut ignoring the glances from the other student's scattered through the corridor.

"I know, it was supposed to send a message, the "I don't want to speak to you" message but clearly it fell down on the delivery." Stiles spat as he stared the teen down until Jackson glanced away. "So what do you want because I know that unlike Scott, you and I never liked each other and chances are we never will so I don't really see you spending sleepless nights mulling over the loss of my charming wit."

Jackson shifted uncertainly and Stiles wolf surged at the scent of arousal clinging to the teen's skin.

"Oh, oh man this is rich!" Stiles chuckled "You're here because of Danny."

Jackson glared at him "Derek says he's part of your pack that's why I can't....I can't even try to talk to him without this thing howling at me!"

"And the plot thickens." Stiles sighed, even as his wolf preened at the acknowledgement that they did have a pack of their own, though considering that technically that would make Lydia part of his pack Stiles wasn't so settled. “So what do you expect me to do about it?”

“Fix it.” Jackson growled and Stiles sniffed disdainfully cocking his head and staring at the other teen.

“Sorry, I left my tool belt at home right beside that memory of you and Scott using a hunter against me.” Stiles quipped, enjoying the way Jackson shifted uncertainly, hands coming up to clutch at his hair.

“She’s Allison!” he protested.

“Yeah, to the rest of the school maybe, hell she was Allison to me before I got Fido stuck in my head but right now in here…” Stiles gestured tapping the side of his head “she’s a hunter and you two….” He trailed off, his wolf raging at the very memory of the betrayal “Just, look I’m not the best person for you to talk to right now, ok?”

“Then what am I supposed to do?” Jackson whispered, the whine beneath his voice making Stiles’ hair stand on end “I can’t just…it’s Danny.”

Stiles exhaled slowly, turning away from the beta’s broken expression. “You guys should have thought of that before you decided to play detective.” He answered, ignoring the damp smell of sorrow that rafted off Jackson as he walked away.

Chapter 15

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