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So F-list I've come to the realization that some of you are evil...the sort of evil that evil people hope to be on a good (bad) day

But before I get into that, my progress for the week.

I've managed to get 3k down on my entry to the small fandom big bang, only 7k to go but I'm pretty sure I can get it done.

Foundation revision has been done, I'm just gonna need to flesh out some theories and note a few studies and then I'll be good. I've managed to find a really good revision book that I've ordered. Fingers crossed it'll get here quickly.

I've posted my third Friday prompt fic which is a pre Jensen/Cougar fic which I'm hoping to continue by next week At The End Of The World

I've also signed up to stop-drop-howl which should be fun and hosting over on ushobwri this week gave me the chance to remember so many old fandoms that I might just take a peak at. Also I'm meeting some awesome people over there so you should all come join if you get the chance.

Now for the evil....So as you all know I've been obsessing over Welcome to Night Vale and I'm all caught up so the next logical step was fandom right? One of you evil people (you know who you are) actually asked for someone to write a fic where Castiel was Cecil and Carlos' love child (this is Night Vale, it's possible) who after leaving Night Vale has been following Dean and Sam around because weird things happen around them and weird things would be comforting because they'd remind Castiel of Night Vale.

Why???!!! Why must you say (type) these things when I'm studying for exams?

I might write it just because I have no shame at this point...also the cuteness of Cecil and Castiel being related is almost too much to bear.
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Hullo F-list

First and foremost, yes I am still alive and not in fact a zombie as some of you might believe but if I was a zombie I’d be an awesome zombie that only existed on coffee and sugar.

So at the end of November I signed up to an awesome community that can be found here ushobwri and it’s motivated me to get my butt into gear as far as writing goes.  I even get to be a mod for said awesome community and honestly it was the best decision I’ve made because here I am writing and enjoying it even though I’ve still got a ton load of uni stuff to do.

So part of my wriso-lutions that I posted on the comm was to write more journal articles and I’m gonna try and get at least one posted every Friday, if RL permits it.

I’m also posting one fic every Friday regardless of length, fingers crossed and all. This is today's fic Big Gun Syndrome

Last but not least I finally know what I’m doing for the Small Fandom Big Bang.

I’m diving into a whole new fandom with Jack the Giant Slayer because it has pretty, pretty men (see below)

This doesn’t mean that I’m leaving my old fandoms and if anyone has a Losers, Teen Wolf or Vampire Diaries prompt that I can complete in a week then hit me. Or Pacific Rim, give me all your Pacific Rim prompts because Chuck *sighs*

Happy Friday to all of you and I hope you enjoy the weekend, whether you’re working like me or just going to laze around (I am judging you so hard).

Back Again

Jun. 24th, 2012 08:10 pm
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Hello F-list!

I’m totally, sorta alive! Hit a few rough patches there but have I mentioned how awesome my internet friends are? Seriously you guys know who you are and you rock so hard!

So I signed up for NaNo because clearly I had a lapse of judgement…don’t judge me! And now that I’ve hit my 50k mark I’m going to work on some of my WIPs alongside the story I’m writing so yeah I’m jumping back on the Little Red bicycle and please note that [ profile] el_gilliath hasn’t offed me in my sleep even though she beta’d the next chapter ages ago and I haven’t posted it *hides*

But that’s it for me, I’ll be spamming you guys with the fics I did manage to get done but other than that I’ll be back …much like the terminator

P.S. Andrew Garfield...the hell happened here? I turn away and sweet Andrew went all bad boy. My heart, dude, my heart!

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Hullo f-list

Seriously my life thie week had been beyond hectic so this is really a drop in post to say I'm still alive.

Thank you to [ profile] secretsalex and [ profile] olimakiella for the Blue Dragons and thanks to [ profile] enchanted_jae and [ profile] tarlanx for the Glass Hearts, you are all awesome!

My notifications are finally working again so Happy B-day [ profile] snailbones hope you have a great one!

I've posted the new chapter of Little Red and I'm about to post [ profile] chocolate_jive's Thor/Loki gift fic, thanks to [ profile] el_gilliath, and I got myself a tattoo.

Totally a succesful week I think.
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So a few people are off this week and now I've had to practically triple my shift.

It's ok though, I mean it's not like they haven't ever covered for me while I was on holiday.....wait, no they haven't since everytime I want a holiday someone suddenly has an urgent matter to attend to!

Really I'm not bothered but I won't be on as much this week because of all the overtime.

But Progress:

1. Next chapter of Little Red has been sent to beta!

2. Almost done with the Thor/Loki fic

3. 5k on my werewolf bb

4. The Chronicles fic bunny will not die!

That is all, and Happy Valentine's Day f-list!
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Mother is helping my cousin plan his wedding and hilarity has abounded, also it's taking place in New York "\o/"

The flowers Incident:

Mom: Look, I found purple flowers!

Dad: They're violet not purple.

Mom: What?

Dad: Look, can't you see the blue undertones? They're violet.

Mom: O_o, How the hell did the Navy think you were straight?

Dad: *opens book* You're just jealous because my boyfriends were prettier than yours.

The Gay - Straight Incident:

Cousin: Do you like this one?

Fiance: I'm not bothered, really.

Cousin: Not bothered? It's our bloody wedding! How the hell did I manage to find the only gay man in Britain without any sense of style?

Fiance: I'm pretty sure that's because your eyes were glued to my belt, when we met.

Cousin:.....It was a nice belt.

I'm just going to sit back and watch the fire-works XD


Jan. 28th, 2012 03:32 pm
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So I saw J. Edgar today and I have to admit...

Spoilers )

P.S. I'll be updating Little Red sometime next week, going to muddle through the next chapter and send it to my beta.

P.S.S. Who passed her exams? I did! Booyah \o/ \o/

P.....something I will get around to answering all the reviews as soon as I get myself back on track.

Also I have a new obsession, his name is Garfield, Andrew Garfield XD )
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So I'm pretty proud of what I've accomplished over the past week.

1. New Chapter of Little Red, beta'ed and posted. Thanks to [ profile] el_gilliath who did not in fact throw the bald cats at my head when I procrastinated!

2. Losers fic is coming along slowly but surely, mostly because [ profile] cougars_catnip, has cottoned on to my habits and isn't afraid to bribe, threaten and or cajole! Seriously without her this would be nowhere.

3. The Thor/Loki pwp for [ profile] chocolate_jive, and HEP is now 5k with no porn but there is plot....I'm sorry?

4. All assignments have been handed in and I just finished one of the three exams set for this week!


1. Overtime at work

2. I've managed to catch the flu, AGAIN! Seriously these germs have it in for me :(

3. Sorting out Student Finance is a pain in the patootie!


Jan. 12th, 2012 03:39 pm
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I has returned f-list with my tales of woe.

Nobody feels my pain except maybe [ profile] cougars_catnip ,whose ear I've been nattering off for the past few hours.

I've sent the next chapter of little red to [ profile] el_gilliath to beta along with the first draft of my big bang. Now to work through this Losers fic!

I'm getting there f-list!
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This is my "I am taking a break and you can't stop me neener, neener" post

I have only these 4 words f-list "The Woman In Black!"

Oh Daniel, how I adore thee and thy sideburns of DOOM

P.S. This is apparently rated pg-13 O_o
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Don't worry f-lsit only four more hours until radio silence

Progress )
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I apologize to my f-list in advance for today shall be the day of the SPAM!!!!

Busy Bee I am )
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This week I have a plan it goes a bit like this:

1. Revise for exams

2. Finish writing the Thor/Loki that certain people are responsible for (you know who you are) and send it to my awesome co-conspirator/beta

3. Finish my Sterek chapter and send to beta (see above)

4. First understand why I'm writing angst and then send off first bit of said angsty Brendon/Ryan to beta. In the words of the great Travis Wall "Ain't nothing tweety bird about this."

Right this is my plan, let's all see if it crashes and burns as usual

P.S. Finish essay that's due on the 10th (my priorities are so screwed)
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I promised myself that I'd sort out my WIPs and not touch any new fandoms when this happened!

NWS Thoughts and Conversations )
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I haz returned! And I bring Losers vid!

Cut for Rambling and NWS art )
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Insanity Ahoy! )

RL Update

Nov. 5th, 2011 02:41 pm
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Well this week I've apparently lost my mind and any concept of time management.

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Random Randomness behind Random Cut )
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