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Hullo F-list

First and foremost, yes I am still alive and not in fact a zombie as some of you might believe but if I was a zombie I’d be an awesome zombie that only existed on coffee and sugar.

So at the end of November I signed up to an awesome community that can be found here ushobwri and it’s motivated me to get my butt into gear as far as writing goes.  I even get to be a mod for said awesome community and honestly it was the best decision I’ve made because here I am writing and enjoying it even though I’ve still got a ton load of uni stuff to do.

So part of my wriso-lutions that I posted on the comm was to write more journal articles and I’m gonna try and get at least one posted every Friday, if RL permits it.

I’m also posting one fic every Friday regardless of length, fingers crossed and all. This is today's fic Big Gun Syndrome

Last but not least I finally know what I’m doing for the Small Fandom Big Bang.

I’m diving into a whole new fandom with Jack the Giant Slayer because it has pretty, pretty men (see below)

This doesn’t mean that I’m leaving my old fandoms and if anyone has a Losers, Teen Wolf or Vampire Diaries prompt that I can complete in a week then hit me. Or Pacific Rim, give me all your Pacific Rim prompts because Chuck *sighs*

Happy Friday to all of you and I hope you enjoy the weekend, whether you’re working like me or just going to laze around (I am judging you so hard).
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I haz returned! And I bring Losers vid!

Cut for Rambling and NWS art )
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Insanity Ahoy! )
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Title: The Man Who Didn't Breathe
Characters: Jensen, Cougar, OOCs
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Just a hint of gore
Disclaimer: I own the OOCs that's it.
Summary: Carlos had hated hearing about the man who didn’t breathe.
A/N: Just a little something for Samhain, unbeta'd.

Take A Breath )


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Title -   Sweeter than Heaven
Pairings- Jensen/Cougar
Rating -  NC-17
Warnings - Sexual Situations,
Disclaimer - I own absolutely nada
Summary - "Jensen knew that if he ever told any of the Losers that Cougar was a virgin, they’d probably laugh him to scorn and in a way they’d be right because Cougar wasn’t exactly a virgin."
A/N - Unbeta'd

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Title -   Stuck on You
Pairings- Jensen/Cougar
Rating -  PG-15
Warnings - Sexual Situations,
Disclaimer - I own absolutely nada
Summary - "Jake Jensen had always had fixations; it was a fact of life that he’d long ago accepted."
A/N - Presence of an OC as a plot device, Playing hard and loose with character's backgrounds

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Title -   The Watcher
Pairings- Jensen/Cougar, (implied or pre-slash) Clay/Roque
Rating -  NC-17
Warnings - Sexual Situations, Voyeurism
Disclaimer - I own absolutely nada
Summary - There are many ways to get sweaty in a gym
A/N - My first Losers fic so characters may be a bit ooc

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