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So F-list I've come to the realization that some of you are evil...the sort of evil that evil people hope to be on a good (bad) day

But before I get into that, my progress for the week.

I've managed to get 3k down on my entry to the small fandom big bang, only 7k to go but I'm pretty sure I can get it done.

Foundation revision has been done, I'm just gonna need to flesh out some theories and note a few studies and then I'll be good. I've managed to find a really good revision book that I've ordered. Fingers crossed it'll get here quickly.

I've posted my third Friday prompt fic which is a pre Jensen/Cougar fic which I'm hoping to continue by next week At The End Of The World

I've also signed up to stop-drop-howl which should be fun and hosting over on ushobwri this week gave me the chance to remember so many old fandoms that I might just take a peak at. Also I'm meeting some awesome people over there so you should all come join if you get the chance.

Now for the evil....So as you all know I've been obsessing over Welcome to Night Vale and I'm all caught up so the next logical step was fandom right? One of you evil people (you know who you are) actually asked for someone to write a fic where Castiel was Cecil and Carlos' love child (this is Night Vale, it's possible) who after leaving Night Vale has been following Dean and Sam around because weird things happen around them and weird things would be comforting because they'd remind Castiel of Night Vale.

Why???!!! Why must you say (type) these things when I'm studying for exams?

I might write it just because I have no shame at this point...also the cuteness of Cecil and Castiel being related is almost too much to bear.
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